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Christmas Activities

Christmas Activities


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Activities for Christmas 2015
As Christmas gets closer our doll get more and more excited!
why not have a carrage bag to take your doll outside and change a hair style for your doll and waiting for the new years coming. You can provide doll with quality Christmas gift like a new wig from Santa Claus. After you order anyone of Carrage bag, Usagihime will let it become double happiness for your doll- there will be one or two wigs at random in your carrage bag.
email add:  to order it with size of carrage bag you want.
Keeping dolls happy at Christmas is easy if you have the right activities to give them like our make a wish activities for Christmas~!
Merry Christmas  and Happy new year 2016!
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Remark:Order at least one wig will have chance to join this activities.