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[Message] Anonymous user:Restock? (2010-08-18 10:32:18)
Hi, I really wish to buy this wig: will this be restocked anytime soon? Thank you!
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yes ,will restocked 20 days
[Message] kizu:order:2010080757325 (2010-08-08 00:55:32)
Hi, I'm already make payment of order:2010080757325 please check and confirm it for me. thank you
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will ship AUG 20
[Message] ren:EMS Shipping to Thailand (2010-07-21 00:35:38)
Hi usagihime :) First, I have to tell you that the wigs in your store look very cool and interesting ^^ May I ask how much EMS shipping woule cost to send 1-2 wings to Thailand? Thank you ^^
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air mail 12USD

EMS 20-23USD up

[Message] Anonymous user:shipping (2010-07-20 15:48:11)
Hello, How much would it be to ship one or two wigs to the United States?
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air mail 12usd

[Enquiry] sephydoll:Wig sizes (2010-07-19 10:52:50)
I love a lot of your 9inch wigs, but they are not available in 7/8 and 8/9 size. Do you have any plans of releasing more of the 9inch wigs in other (smaller) sizes? Just some of the wigs I would love to see in 6/7 and 7/8 sizes :D Thank you!!
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:wig restock (2010-07-02 06:07:59)
will this wig be restocked soon? its perfect for my boy!
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hello ,this wig will restocked 30days
[Message] maankatje2000:wig order (2010-06-11 15:08:21)
Hi, I wanted to order wigs but the EMS shipping said $2300 is shipping. I think thats a bit much lol. How can I find out how much the shipping is too the Netherlands.
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ems 1-2wigs is $29.40USD

you can order by email
[Message] Anonymous user:2 colors wigs (2010-06-06 06:04:19)
Hi! I was looking for a wig like this one: but I couldn't find in your wig session :( Is it unavailable or do I have to make a pre-order or something? Thank you!
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sorry i can not open your link~

any about my design ,welcome MEN or EMAIL

have nice day


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